Great Sex Positions

sex-positionsIt is unfortunate that millions of couples do not enjoy sex as much as they used to. The reason to this may be attributed to the fact that sex has become a routine task like any other household chore. However, it is not difficult to bring about a major shift in this situation by trying new positions while you have sex. You will be pleasantly surprised that not only is it more fun, it also makes you feel young again.

Before we introduce you to some other great sex positions, let us talk about missionary position, which is also the most popular sex position. This is a very intimate sex position with man on top. The only limitation is that a woman’s movements are limited. However, there are several variations to this position. A great variation is Peace sign position, where the woman keeps her legs close and the man spread his legs wide. Women experience awesome stimulation with this position.

The next great sex position for those who are tired of missionary position is Standing Sex position. In this position, the couple has sex while standing and the woman wraps her legs around the waist of man. This position allows a man to deeply penetrate the woman. The variations of this position include doing it against a wall or inside water.

Then there is the great Doggy-Style position, which brings out the animalistic instinct. This sex position demands that the woman is in a kneeling position while the man enters her from behind her. This sex position offers intense penetration and direct stimulation of clitoris.

Another position that is quite popular because of its convenience is Seating Sex position. This does not require a bed and it can be enjoyed in a large number of places. In this position, woman sits on man’s lap so that they are facing each other while they have sex.

These are just a few sex positions that are extremely popular and fun too. There are hundreds of other positions. A great idea to reignite the passion would be to go an exploratory journey of finding new sex positions.

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