9-Foreplay-Tips-You-Can-Ever-Use-in-BedNot only are men and women different biologically, they are poles apart when it comes to sexuality. While men are wired to get instant arousals and can achieve orgasm in a couple of minutes, for women it is a different story all together. It takes women a much longer to warm up and reach climax. Therefore, it is no wonder that most women give a lot of importance to the act of foreplay and rue the fact that their partner ignores this crucial part.

So how does one define foreplay? Foreplay is termed as acts that create sexual desire between partners. Foreplay includes not only the physical acts of kissing, caressing and touching, but also includes talking, body language, signs, seducing and expressing the desire to have sex.

Foreplay is important for two reasons; it prepares the body for the actual act of sexual interaction, and it creates intimacy and confidence among the partners. However, it is surprising that most men forget this preparatory phase and rush straight into the main act. It then comes as a no surprise that a large number of women do not enjoy sex as much as they should.

Here are some of the foreplay tips that every man should explore:

  • Indulge in sexy talk by whispering what you would like to do to her.
  • Tease your partner by touching her sensitive body parts slightly.
  • Foreplay need not start in the bedroom; get started in public places by secret gestures and signs.
  • Stripping slowly in front of your partner is one of the most exciting ways of foreplay.
  • Watching sex together is another great way to get in the mood.
  • Use your fingers and mouth extensively to ignite the passion between you too.
  • Finally, communicate about sex and find out what works for her.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the results of these foreplay techniques. So go ahead, use them and see it do wonders to your sex life.


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