Enlightening Facts on Penis Size


There is no dearth of people trying to scrounge money from men by exploiting their obsession to have a bigger penis. However, there are certain facts that every man must know before considering to opt for penis enlargement.

Fact 1: Average length of an erect penis is 5.25 inches, as shown by studies conducted across the world. However, over 50% of men are not satisfied with their penis size. While not all of these men may be having a small penis, there is a general dissatisfaction among them when it comes to the penis size. This is one of the main reasons of the overwhelming demand of the penis enlargement products in the market.

Fact 2: Most men equate length of the penis with size. They forget that girth of a penis is an equally important dimension to the overall penis size and plays a key role in enhancing sexual pleasure of your woman. This is because of the fact that a woman’s vagina is very sensitive and a thick penis stimulates it much more. Therefore, if a man is not happy with his penis size, he must not only search for ways to increase the penis length but also the thickness of his penis.

Fact 3: Natural Penis Enlargement methods are the most popular way of increasing penis size and improving overall sexual health. This is because these natural methods are the safest, more economical and focus on the holistic method of improving penis length, girth, as well as the overall health of the male reproductive organs.

Fact 4: Increase in Penis size does not happen overnight. Any pills, creams or solutions that claim to enlarge penis in a short time are either fake or produce short-term results. Increase in penis size is similar to building muscles of any other part of the body. It takes time, patience and discipline. So if you are interested in increasing your penis size, set realistic goals and don’t be lured by ridiculous claims that promise changes overnight.

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