Blue Balls

blue ballsWhat are Blue Balls?

Blue balls or vasocongestion is caused when blood flows to a man’s genitals after being aroused for a long time and is unable to be released. The sensation is cramp-like aching, pain and tenderness in the penis and genital region. The aching is caused because the blood is congested in the genitals and is unable to dissipate because sexual release, or orgasm, has not occurred. The term blue balls came about because the penis and testicles sometimes turn a bluish hue because of the excess blood swelling the area.

Can Blue Balls Hurt my Penis?

Although blue balls are painful, the aching will either soon pass or can be relieved with masturbation if a willing partner is unavailable. Blue balls will not harm the genitals in any way and is as common as an erection. Rarely the condition lasts for hours or even days, and if this happens it is important to see a doctor right away because something else may be wrong.

How do I get rid of Blue Balls?

The simplest way to get rid of blue balls is to ejaculate. If you are unable to ejaculate, not to worry, the pain should subside in an hour or two, however sometimes it can take a little longer. There are other suggestions for getting some comfort back to your penis if you are experiencing blue balls. Laying flat on you back may alleviate some of the discomfort, also icing the area or taking a cold shower may help, as well. Some experts also suggest light exercise may help by getting your blood flowing to other areas of the body.

The important thing to remember is that blue balls are not an excuse to blackmail your partner into sexual play or intercourse, if they are unwilling. This condition, although uncomfortable, will not hurt you in the long run and will go away on its own. If you still can’t shake the feeling of being aroused, consult your favorite adult magazine or video and bottle of lubricant and have some one on one time. You and your penis will feel better in no time.