4 Great Tips To Increase Semen Volume

natural-ways-to-increase-sperm-countHave you been trying to have a baby, but in the end became unsuccessful? The answer is probably yes and your semen volume may be playing a part in it. If you have a low semen volume, you won’t be able to get her pregnant.

Here are 4 quick tips that will help you increase semen volume in a safe manner, don’t overlook it as it could be the answer that you need right here in front of your eyes.

  • Your Weight: When it comes to the male reproduction system, it is quite similar to that of a female. When someone is overweight, they will be unable to conceive no matter how hard they try.

    Don’t just take our word for it, we found this out by researching scientific studies that showed how being overweight can have an effect on being able to conceive.

    For a simple solution, change up your diet so that you can give your body a chance to lose weight for the sake of your semen volume and your partner.

  • GOODBYE TIGHTEY WHITEYS: If you’re still wearing those tight underwear, do yourself a favor and take them off, then throw them on the porch of that person you don’t like. Don’t forget to rub some fudge on them.

    The reason for this isn’t just to get back at that person you hate, but tight underwear will increase the heat of your balls due to being exposed to your body heat. You need to wear boxers because heat results in useless testicles.

  • Drink Water: You have heard how healthy it is to drink water on a regular basis, but what you probably didn’t know is that water actually helps increase semen volume. What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Dasani and help your semen volume out for a chance.
  • Semen Volume Pills: When it comes to the point where you really want to increase semen volume, a supplement such as Semenax that’s designed in order to increase semen volume will help you have a bigger load to release than you ever thought about having before.

This quick guide was designed in order to help you increase semen volume. We hope that it helps you on your sexual and semen volume increasing journey that will take you the places you want to be.

How small is too small

too smallIn previous articles, the fact was established based on scientific evidence that the average size of the male penis ranges between 6 to 6.5 inches. With that being said size’s which are smaller than this is considered below average.

This fact should not lead to anxiety or self-consciousness, as there are methods which can improve the overall length and girth of the penis.

In today’s society a man’s stature is measured by the size of his member, this should not be the case, though often it is. There are options available on the market which will help in increasing penis size. This, in and of its self, is a difficult feat to achieve but with the proper usage of the products and methods you will have a boost in yourself confidence.

Pubic hair is a major culprit in hiding true length. If you have a large amount, you will need to remove it by shaving. You will notice almost immediately the difference that shaving makes. Once this is done the overall length and girth of your penis will become more pronounced, bolstering yourself confidence to take the next step to enlarging your penis.

Before having sex a warm shower will improve your penis size, coupled with the fact that warm water cleans much better than cold. This simple tool works by boosting the flow of blood causing corpora cavernosa to increase in size making the penis look larger.

This will open the blood vessels, as well as, spongy tissues so that more blood can be pumped and stored inside the penis increasing length and girth. This is not a quick fix as it only lasts momentarily. If you are overweight, weight loss is the best way to increase the size of your penis.

Overweight men always seem to have a smaller penis but this is not totally true it’s because fatty tissues inside the body grow around the penis giving it the appearance that is smaller.

Weight lost is a great way to boost the length and girth of your penis apart from that fact you will get added health benefits such is improved cardio vascular health which in turns boosts your overall stamina during sex secessions.

Increasing the size of the penis will require much time and effort as well as other monetary resources. Many products are available on the market today such as pills, vacuum pumps and patches for those who can afford it surgery is also an option.

Before choosing one of the above penis enlargement methods you must remember that they all come with advantages, as well as disadvantages. You will need to sort through and select the one that best suits your needs.


Great Sex Positions

sex-positionsIt is unfortunate that millions of couples do not enjoy sex as much as they used to. The reason to this may be attributed to the fact that sex has become a routine task like any other household chore. However, it is not difficult to bring about a major shift in this situation by trying new positions while you have sex. You will be pleasantly surprised that not only is it more fun, it also makes you feel young again.

Before we introduce you to some other great sex positions, let us talk about missionary position, which is also the most popular sex position. This is a very intimate sex position with man on top. The only limitation is that a woman’s movements are limited. However, there are several variations to this position. A great variation is Peace sign position, where the woman keeps her legs close and the man spread his legs wide. Women experience awesome stimulation with this position.

The next great sex position for those who are tired of missionary position is Standing Sex position. In this position, the couple has sex while standing and the woman wraps her legs around the waist of man. This position allows a man to deeply penetrate the woman. The variations of this position include doing it against a wall or inside water.

Then there is the great Doggy-Style position, which brings out the animalistic instinct. This sex position demands that the woman is in a kneeling position while the man enters her from behind her. This sex position offers intense penetration and direct stimulation of clitoris.

Another position that is quite popular because of its convenience is Seating Sex position. This does not require a bed and it can be enjoyed in a large number of places. In this position, woman sits on man’s lap so that they are facing each other while they have sex.

These are just a few sex positions that are extremely popular and fun too. There are hundreds of other positions. A great idea to reignite the passion would be to go an exploratory journey of finding new sex positions.

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9-Foreplay-Tips-You-Can-Ever-Use-in-BedNot only are men and women different biologically, they are poles apart when it comes to sexuality. While men are wired to get instant arousals and can achieve orgasm in a couple of minutes, for women it is a different story all together. It takes women a much longer to warm up and reach climax. Therefore, it is no wonder that most women give a lot of importance to the act of foreplay and rue the fact that their partner ignores this crucial part.

So how does one define foreplay? Foreplay is termed as acts that create sexual desire between partners. Foreplay includes not only the physical acts of kissing, caressing and touching, but also includes talking, body language, signs, seducing and expressing the desire to have sex.

Foreplay is important for two reasons; it prepares the body for the actual act of sexual interaction, and it creates intimacy and confidence among the partners. However, it is surprising that most men forget this preparatory phase and rush straight into the main act. It then comes as a no surprise that a large number of women do not enjoy sex as much as they should.

Here are some of the foreplay tips that every man should explore:

  • Indulge in sexy talk by whispering what you would like to do to her.
  • Tease your partner by touching her sensitive body parts slightly.
  • Foreplay need not start in the bedroom; get started in public places by secret gestures and signs.
  • Stripping slowly in front of your partner is one of the most exciting ways of foreplay.
  • Watching sex together is another great way to get in the mood.
  • Use your fingers and mouth extensively to ignite the passion between you too.
  • Finally, communicate about sex and find out what works for her.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the results of these foreplay techniques. So go ahead, use them and see it do wonders to your sex life.


Facts about Phthalates

What are PhthalatesWhat are Phthalates? 

Phthalates are chemicals added to plastics to increase their flexibility, durability and transparency. They are also used in products such as cosmetics, cologne and perfume, water bottles, sex toys, and even fishing lures just to name a few. Because of their cost efficiency, phthalates have been widely used in many products all over the world.

Why Should I Care About Phthalates?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding phthalates. Some experts say that in small doses, phthalates are harmless and will not cause human beings any long term damage. This is true of products that we don’t “eat”, like sex toys or fishing lures. However, on the flip side, because phthalates have been so widely used in food packaging products, 75 percent or more of Americans have detectable levels of phthalates in their system. This is bad not only because phthalates have been linked to cancer, but they also mimic estrogen in the body and can cause unwanted weight gain. This is obviously not only bad to your overall health and well being, but to your sexual health, as well.

How do I Avoid Phthalates?

Before you panic, there are some things that can be done to avoid ingesting these little devils. The main way to avoid phthalates is to steer clear from plastic water or beverage bottles with 3 or 7 recycling codes. Safer choices are bottles with the recycling codes 1, 2 or 5. Another way to avoid phthalates is to not microwave food in plastic containers, or put these plastic containers in the dishwasher. Microwaving or dishwashing can cause damage to these plastics and cause them to leach phthalates into the food you eat.

How do I rid my Body of These Toxins?

Eating a clean diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grain carbohydrates will help detoxify your system. Avoid eating food or drinking beverages from containers known to have phthalates in them. The good news here is that because of health concerns, the United States, Canada and some European countries are phasing out the use of phthalates in products that cause harm to our health.


Enlightening Facts on Penis Size


There is no dearth of people trying to scrounge money from men by exploiting their obsession to have a bigger penis. However, there are certain facts that every man must know before considering to opt for penis enlargement.

Fact 1: Average length of an erect penis is 5.25 inches, as shown by studies conducted across the world. However, over 50% of men are not satisfied with their penis size. While not all of these men may be having a small penis, there is a general dissatisfaction among them when it comes to the penis size. This is one of the main reasons of the overwhelming demand of the penis enlargement products in the market.

Fact 2: Most men equate length of the penis with size. They forget that girth of a penis is an equally important dimension to the overall penis size and plays a key role in enhancing sexual pleasure of your woman. This is because of the fact that a woman’s vagina is very sensitive and a thick penis stimulates it much more. Therefore, if a man is not happy with his penis size, he must not only search for ways to increase the penis length but also the thickness of his penis.

Fact 3: Natural Penis Enlargement methods are the most popular way of increasing penis size and improving overall sexual health. This is because these natural methods are the safest, more economical and focus on the holistic method of improving penis length, girth, as well as the overall health of the male reproductive organs.

Fact 4: Increase in Penis size does not happen overnight. Any pills, creams or solutions that claim to enlarge penis in a short time are either fake or produce short-term results. Increase in penis size is similar to building muscles of any other part of the body. It takes time, patience and discipline. So if you are interested in increasing your penis size, set realistic goals and don’t be lured by ridiculous claims that promise changes overnight.

Enlargement Patches – Essential Patch Ingredients

vimax-patchesThrough a timed-release function, the penis patch encourages the absorption of several active ingredients directly into your bloodstream. These ingredients can promote faster cell generation, tissue growth and increased blood flow into your penis. Ultimately, each component in the penis patch works around the clock to provide you with a bigger, longer penis and more ejaculatory control.

Below, you’ll find the ingredients contained in the most effective penis patches.

Ginseng Root

Used in other countries for hundreds of years to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the body, Ginseng is loosely-translated to mean “man root.” In fact, there’s a startling similarity between the ginseng root and the human form. In ancient times, this ingredient was considered so potent that it was valued in the same way as gold. It has been used in China, India, Korea and throughout Indochina to help resolve premature ejaculation as well as some cases of impotence. Ginseng is also known for its ability to regulate blood pressure.
Saw Palmetto

Grown mostly in North America, Saw Palmetto resembles a small palm tree. The berries produced by this plant were used by early settlers in North America as well as Native Americans to help cure problems ranging from urinary tract infections to issues associated with the genitals and reproductive system. Saw Palmetto is also used as a conventional herbal treatment for those suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Among all herbs that are used to treat the body’s ailments, Saw Palmetto is one of the only remedies that is considered anabolic. That is, it encourages a constructive metabolism and helps the body regenerate cells and tissue. Because this is a key component of how penis patches work, Saw Palmetto is one of the most potent ingredients.

Similar to a plant cultivated throughout South American called Quebracho, Yohimbe is native to several African nations (chief among them, Gabon, Zaire and Cameroon). The bark from this tree and a compound that is extracted from it and purified have been used as a sexual stimulant for centuries.

The people that live in communities close to this tree have consumed its properties to enjoy greater sexual energy and drive. This is mostly due to Yohimbe’s ability to stimulate blood flow to the genitals (in both genders). Used as an active ingredient in the FDA-approved drug yohimbine hydrochloride, Yohimbe has been known to increase stamina and stimulate the libido.

To this day, Fo-Ti is aggressively grown and cultivated throughout China. Though this plant was originally discovered in China, it is also found in other countries such as Japan and Taiwan. This plant is also called “He-Shou-Wu.” It’s named after a man from a long-passed Chinese dynasty who used Fo-Ti to cure his problem with impotence and to extend his life. Today, this plant is used to treat a variety of physiological issues, including erectile dysfunction, premature aging, discharges from the vagina, fatigue and weakness as well as many infectious diseases.

The Chinese have used Fo-Ti for generations to help normalize cholesterol levels and slow down the body’s natural aging process. Several compounds within the herb make this possible. In addition, many western nutritionists and herbalists advocate consuming Fo-Ti for increased energy and blood purification.

Grown natively in the West Indies, throughout parts of Mexico and the American Southwest, Damiana has a long history as a sexual stimulant. The Mayans and Aztecs were known to smoke this herb before having sex because it provided a boost of energy and vigor. It’s typically cultivated in dry, arid environments and is found primarily in Mexico, California and Texas.

Damiana is a potent ingredient contained in penis patches. Clinical tests have suggested that the herb is effective for expanding blood vessels. In many cases, this has helped provide relief to those who suffer from impotence. Damiana also works similarly to testosterone, helping to reinvigorate the entire body. Though it has recently been used for treating problems related to the prostate, it has been used for thousands of years to rejuvenate a man’s sexual drive and performance.
Gotu Kola

As a major source for vitamin K, calcium and other essential nutrients, Gotu Kola helps to improve the body’s circulation and blood flow. It has also proven to be effective in promoting stronger veins and repairing capillaries. Gotu Kola has been a key component in the medicinal practices of China and central Asia for hundreds of years.

One of the reasons this plant is used so widely throughout central Asia is it’s positive impact on the vascular system. It can be used to treat inflammation as well as to repair connective tissue throughout the body. Like many ingredients found in penis patches, Gotu Kola can be used effectively to help relieve problems associated with impotence. Other benefits of the ingredient include relief from headaches, insomnia and a variety of hormonal imbalances.

Menthol has a unique role in the transfer of ingredients from the penis patch into the bloodstream. Extracted from the oil of peppermint, it serves as a natural antiseptic on the skin’s surface. When the patch is applied to the skin, the Menthol begins working immediately. In effect, it gets the skin ready for the absorption of the other ingredients contained in the penis patch.

The Right Ingredients For A Bigger Penis

Each of the ingredients described above performs a unique function when absorbed into the bloodstream. A significant amount of research has been conducted to identify the perfect blend of ingredients to maximize their effectiveness. When you purchase penis patches, read the box to make sure the above ingredients are included.


Condom Availability and Sexual Activity

A recent development in sex education is the provision of condoms through available programs, this way teens have easier access to condoms for protection.

The program was started because of the rise in teenage pregnancy and the transmission of STI’s in teens. This way they are better able to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and possible contraction of STI’s.

The program in the initial stages was considered beneficial, but it has received much opposition.

Some persons believed that with the increase in the availability of condoms, there would also be an increase in the sexual contact of students, which in turn will lead eventually to unprotected sexual intercourse.

The ends do not always justify the means, as students, many become open and daring with their sexual contacts and encounters.

Recent studies have refuted the idea that such programs will increase sexual contact between students. It showed that the easy accessibility of condoms did not change the perception of students.

There was neither disappointment nor excitement observed in teens when they found out that condoms were readily and easily available. Such programs served as a reminder about the dangers of unprotected sexual contact.

Schools that implemented this program had a clear advantage when compared to those who did not.
The survey was published in the American Journal of Public Health.
The Department of Prevention and Community Health in Washington was responsible for carrying out this research. It was based on a previous survey that was done in Massachusetts.
The study was done in 1995 but remains relevant to today’s behavioral patterns. A total of 4,100 students participated in the survey.

Approximately 20% of the students who had been part of the survey had condom availability programs at their schools.

The study showed that students, which had condom availability programs in place and who were sexually active, used more condoms when compared to students that did noy have such a program at their school.

It also showed that the rate of STI transmission and infection was less when compared to students which did not have condom availability programs. The survey showed that 25% of the students who attended schools with condom availability programs have used this form of protection, while schools that did not have such a program in place only had 13% of its population using condoms.

The study even goes on to show that schools, which have such programs in place, had a small reduction in sexual contact when compared to those which did not have the program.

The indicator that was used to gage the overall sexual contact of students is pregnancy- the figure was the same in both schools. This simply means that students will have sex with or without such a program being in place.

The results have encouraged educators to offer condoms to their students as a means to protect them during sexual contact.

Schools do not generally distribute condoms, but they are readily available on request by students.

If such a program was used in all schools, with the right form of sex education, major problems associated with unprotected sex would be mitigated.


Can Penis Pumps Make Your Penis Permanently Large

best pensi pumpsPenis pumps have been around for quite a long time and were originally created to help men with erectile dysfunction. Today, they have been used as a masturbation device, as well as, being effective in penis enlargement. While penis pumps generally do not permanently enlarge your penis, they can help men get a harder erection and make the penis bigger almost immediately. Some studies also suggest that when used for many consecutive months, three to four times a week, girth size is sometimes permanently increased with the use of a penis pump.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

A penis pump is essentially a vacuum, either manual or mechanical, that uses suction to increase blood flow into the penis. The key to using a penis pump correctly is to go slow- pumping to fast or rigorously can result in blistering or broken blood vessels in the penis. However, when used properly penis pumps can be very effective and have proven to help strengthen the penis and increase penis girth over time.

Another way to use a penis pump is to use it while using penis enlargement supplements. The pump will give you instant gratification, while the pills will help increase results and lead to a permanently large penis.

How do I Choose the Right Penis Pump?

When it comes to choosing the right penis pump, you get what you pay for. There are a lot of products out there that promise results but can fall short, so to say. It is important to do your research when selecting a pump that is right for you. Do you want a manual pump? Some men like that they have more control over the suction created. Other men prefer mechanical pumps so that they can enjoy the experience without all the work.

Overall, using a penis pump will give you a bigger penis not only instantly, but if used correctly, over time, can help to permanently increase the size of your penis, as well. While the results won’t be dramatic by using a penis pump on its own, adding in supplements can help you take penis enlargement results to new levels.

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BPA in Plastics can Cause Several Mens Health Problems Study

Bisphenol_ABisphenol-A or BPA is a chemical found in hard and transparent plastic items and is used in everything from water bottles to baby bottles. The pressing fact is that, BPA is reported to be a source of several health problems. For instance, it is found to increase the risks of obesity as well as cause brain damage, birth defects and even cancer in humans. The latest results of a Chinese study show that BPA can also cause inferior sperm count and erectile dysfunction problems in men.

For the first time, a research study has related BPA to reproductive issues. According to a De-Kun Li, MD, a reproductive and prenatal epidemiologist at Kaiser Permanente research division Oakland, California, these recent findings related to BPA are not very surprising.

BPA is actually an endocrine disruptor that is capable of blocking male sex hormones such as testosterone. These early findings were based on medical experimentation done on mice and other animals. The results of a more recent study, done on humans, were published in the journal Sterility and Fertility. In this study, urine and semen samples of over 218 samples of factory employees were collected. Few of these men worked at facilities that produced BPA or epoxy resins (that contain BPA).

Results showed that men exposed to BPA are:

  • 4 times more likely to have low sperm problems
  • 3 times more likely to have lesser live sperm
  • 2 times more likely to have a below average motility
  • 7 times more likely to have ejaculation problems
  • 4 times more likely to have erectile problems

Dr. Li’s team at the research division found similar results during early study, as well. Public health officers and lawyers may soon find enough evidence to seek a ban on this highly controversial substance. Effects of BPA on humans are still controversial but public health officials have managed to wipe it out from certain industrial domains. Canada has already declared BPA as a toxic substance. Canada is the first nation to do so within the entire world. The chemical is yet to be banned in the United States. However, a number of manufactures have volunteered not to use it. Several states have also banned BPA in baby products.