4 Great Tips To Increase Semen Volume

natural-ways-to-increase-sperm-countHave you been trying to have a baby, but in the end became unsuccessful? The answer is probably yes and your semen volume may be playing a part in it. If you have a low semen volume, you won’t be able to get her pregnant.

Here are 4 quick tips that will help you increase semen volume in a safe manner, don’t overlook it as it could be the answer that you need right here in front of your eyes.

  • Your Weight: When it comes to the male reproduction system, it is quite similar to that of a female. When someone is overweight, they will be unable to conceive no matter how hard they try.

    Don’t just take our word for it, we found this out by researching scientific studies that showed how being overweight can have an effect on being able to conceive.

    For a simple solution, change up your diet so that you can give your body a chance to lose weight for the sake of your semen volume and your partner.

  • GOODBYE TIGHTEY WHITEYS: If you’re still wearing those tight underwear, do yourself a favor and take them off, then throw them on the porch of that person you don’t like. Don’t forget to rub some fudge on them.

    The reason for this isn’t just to get back at that person you hate, but tight underwear will increase the heat of your balls due to being exposed to your body heat. You need to wear boxers because heat results in useless testicles.

  • Drink Water: You have heard how healthy it is to drink water on a regular basis, but what you probably didn’t know is that water actually helps increase semen volume. What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Dasani and help your semen volume out for a chance.
  • Semen Volume Pills: When it comes to the point where you really want to increase semen volume, a supplement such as Semenax that’s designed in order to increase semen volume will help you have a bigger load to release than you ever thought about having before.

This quick guide was designed in order to help you increase semen volume. We hope that it helps you on your sexual and semen volume increasing journey that will take you the places you want to be.

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