My Bathmate Review 2020

Bathmate review 2020
  • Build quality
  • Price
  • Gains
  • Usability

Review Summary:

The Bathmate penis pump as an awesome pump that will get you strong erections and better control over your ejaculation time.

Bathmate Benefits:

  • Up to 25% longer penis
  • Up to 30% thicker penis
  • Prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Prevent premature ejaculation

bathmate penis pumps review 2019



A penis pump is an external pump that contains a constriction ring or band on it and which a man suffering from erectile dysfunction uses to attain and sustain an erection. It comprises of an acrylic cylinder and a pump that a user attaches directly to the end of their penis.

A constriction band is appended to the other end of the cylinder. The pump and the cylinder are utilized to create a vacuum that in turn helps the penis get an erection; the band maintains the erection.

Benefits of using a Bathmate pump

  1. Instant Results – After wearing a Bathmate pump for about ten minutes, your penis immediately gains length up to 5 inches, and girth of between 0.5 and 1.25 inches. So, having sex a few hours after using the pump feels great. Surprisingly, the growth lasts for between 6 and 12 hours, before your penis reverts to its standard size. Instant gains, especially in flaccid size will be evident almost immediately.
  2. Safety – Being a water-based pump, the Bathmate pump is a lot safer compared the conventional hazardous air pumps, and hence as long as you follow directions while using it, you stand to experience positive results. All its previous users have never had any problem when using the pump despite using it regularly and aggressively. Consequently, Bathmate pump is useful for novice users, far much more than an air pump.
  3. Permanence – The immediate gains you experience will become permanent when you use it consistently. It works more like an exercise routine; when you use it on a regular basis, your muscle tissue fatigues and gains instant size, before coming back to their normal size. Penile tissue bears a striking resemblance to the other body tissues. So, on using it consistently, muscles in the area grow.
  4. Ease of maintaining Gains – If you find it difficult to use Bathmate consistently for extended periods of time, you only need to use it a few times (for 10 to 12 minutes) per week to sustain your gains. So, on reaching your desired size and length, you only need to use it a couple of times a week to retain your newly acquired size and breadth. Maintaining the gains is, therefore, very simple.


How does it work?

Bathmate pump is designed for usage in water; say a shower or even a bathtub. Unlike conventional penis pumps, the pump uses warm water resulting in maximum effectiveness. It is, therefore, the only pump that delivers safe and permanent results with absolutely no side effects or adverse effect on your penis health. It creates a vacuum in its acrylic tube.

The void, in turn, forces your penis to expand so as to fill the emptiness inside the tube, driving blood into the penis which stretches and inflates your penis. Initially, you become bigger only because you have been “pumped out,” but eventually, with continued use, you attain a permanent penis growth. That is why Bathmate pumps have widely been used, for a long time, to treat ED

Water pump vs. air pump

Air Pumps


  • A lot cheaper compared to water pumps.
  • You can easily use the pump in your bedroom.


  • Air does not have a lubricating effect like water
  • It loses heat faster and as such does not increase elasticity of your penis
  • The vacuum air it creates is somewhat weaker than that created by water.

Water Pumps


  • It is simpler to grease a fitted seal around your erect penis using a water pump
  • Warm water tends to soften your skin, increasing its elasticity which in turn improves its effectiveness
  • Water allows you to create a stronger vacuum
  • You can still use it in a room where there’s no water, say in a bedroom


  • Slightly costlier that air pumps

Evidently, therefore, using a water pump is a lot more beneficial that using an air pump. Superficially, it may appear as though it is convenient to use air-based pump particularly when you need a quick erection. However, you stand the risk of drying your penis, making it bumpy to use. So, always settle for a water pump and reap heavily from the above benefits.

Bathmate Testimonials

bathmate-testimonial1“A friend introduced me to the Bathmate, and while I was a bit doubtful at first, after hearing him praise it irrepressibly, I decided to give it a try. I, then secretly acquired mine and started using it duly following the directions I was given. Before long, I noticed positive results. Unable to hide my joy, I decided to inform him about it, thanking him for introducing me to this great pump. Everybody should try this product!” Mark Jones

bathmate-testimonial2“After hearing and reading a lot about Bathmate, I was eager to use and find out how it feels. I wasn’t disappointed. I always wear it while taking my morning; I start by washing my cock, before putting it on and taking my bath. I only take it off once I’m done taking my shower and sufficiently dried off. For the few weeks I have used it, my girth has substantially thickened and my erections harder like never before. The results simply exceeded my expectations!” Roy Trevor

“I have used Bathmate for one year now, and I am delighted with it! I noticed results soon after I started using it and I have never looked back. My partner is now happier with my new size, and that encourages me to use it time and again. I was totally delighted by my size of erection; it was so huge and firm. My girlfriend noticed the sudden changes, and when I informed her about the pump, she encouraged me to keep it up. You are welcome to read my own review of the Bathmate” Austin

“Jeg har brugt min bathmate penispumpe i 3 uger og er helt vild med den. Jeg har virkelig fået meget ud af den. Det kan helt sikkert godt anbefales til andre der gerne vil forstørre deres penis eller har brug for lidt hjælp til erektionen. Jeg fulgte en 7 ugers penispumpe træningsplan her.” John


Bathmate is your ultimate penis pump guaranteed to give you instant positive results. This water-based pump does not have any adverse side effects and, with continued use, results in long-term results.

Users who have given it a try have had nothing but praises for this great device.

Male an appointment with an urologist if you have any questions. you can find a urologist in milwaukee just to be extra sure.

So, if you have ED issues, or would simply like to take your love making experience to the next level Bathmate Pumps is ideal for you. We highly recommend Bathmate to you.

Try it now, and have a story to tell.

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